8 Channel Elite 4K NVR

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The new Elite series 4K NVR is a great example of the continuing evolution of security surveillance recorders. This 8 channel NVR is capable of working with IP cameras ranging in resolutions from 720P all the way up to 8MP (4K). Hook your cameras up to a PoE switch, connect that switch and your NVR to your network, and be ready to view your cameras live on your new 4K monitor. Details will be clearer and you’ll be able to zoom in without that pixelization that was so common with older cameras.

Just like computers, there are constant improvements being made so that your NVR can process the massive amount of data created with 4K cameras recording up to 24/7. This is packed with a Quad Core processor and a very stable Linux operating system that together work to make this a very efficient NVR. There’s also a user friendly GUI interface that allows you to easily configure your settings with a few simple clicks of the included mouse.

When you receive your NVR and plug it in, you will need to be connected to a monitor and you can do that using HDMI or VGA. Once you’re connected and all of your settings are configured, you will be able to view your cameras from anywhere in the world that you have an internet connection. Use our remote monitoring software with your PC, MAC, tablet, or smartphone.

You can use up to two 6TB hard drives to store your security data on and if you purchase them from us, we will install, test and configure those for you at no additional cost to you! Now, when you receive your NVR, you’ll be one step closer to being on your way to being secure! You can also easily back up your footage by plugging an external hard drive into one of the USB ports or plug a flash drive in and copy specific footage to share with whoever needs it.

This NVR includes a 2 year warranty, FREE US based tech support, and FREE remote viewing software.