32 Channel Full Size Elite 4K NVR

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The Elite series NVR-ELE32-4KS is one of our customer favorite NVRs that delivers a stunning 4K resolution output and allows you to record up to 32 IP cameras. This recorder is part of our Ultra HD Full Sized recorders and on each channel you can record up to 8MP (AKA 4K). You can change the adjustments to work with cameras as low as 720p all the way up to 8MP and resolutions in between. Higher resolution recordings will allow you to see certain events that might otherwise escape your view. You’ll be able to see smaller details like identifying marks (such as tattoos and scars) that would help identify criminals or place it above a cash register so you can see transactions and denominations.

The heart of the NVR is a powerful Quad Core processor running an embedded Linux operating system. There’s a user-friendly interface (also called a GUI) allowing the user to get this unit up and running in a matter of minutes and making it easy for you to be able to change settings and configure your notifications. The NVR-ELE32-4KS can hold 8 hard drives to 6TB each for a total of 48TB of storage space. If needed, you can copy footage to an external drive or USB drive for safekeeping or as a means to transfer the data and share with whomever necessary.

When you receive the recorder we recommend you test it with a monitor and the supplied mouse as well as any cameras that have been purchased so you can plan accordingly where you want the cameras to be installed. With our Elite series recorders, you have the ability to view your cameras using the TechProSS application for both Android as well as IOS products. Macintosh and Windows-based computers will also have the ability to view and control the recorder remotely as long as there is an internet connection available.

We know that keeping what’s yours safe is of the utmost concern so we’ll keep you running witha 3 year warranty, FREE US based technical support and remote applications are also free to use. So, let get your property ready and secure with our NVR-ELE32-4K!