2JData Monitoring/Maintenance Services

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2JData has developed a custom windows monitoring and support agent. The agent installs in about 10 seconds per machine and allows us to monitor the health and status of your machines and also rapidly provide remote assistance when required.

The agent performs the following checks every 30 minutes:
• System Uptime
• CPU/Disk and Memory Performance
• Disk space
• Hacker Checks
• Virus Scan Protection/Alerts
• Critical system alerts
• Patches and Vulnerability checks (We auto apply security patches and updates)
• Backup Status/Reports
• User Remote Access

Along with the agent, 2JData will provide you with a customized internet dashboard that shows you the status of all your computers within your business. Also, it provides you one click take control access to any of your machines and includes built in Managed Anti-Virus.

After Purchase, 2JData will reach out to install the Monitoring Services.

At checkout, choose the number of PC’s to be Monitored.