20X 2MP HDCVI Infrared PTZ Security Camera

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Note: These cameras must be used with an HD-CVI capable DVR .

The 1080p HD-CVI PTZs are here! Now you can get 2MP High Definition 1080p recording from a Pan Tilt Zoom camera at an affordable price. The great benefit of an HD-CVI PTZ is that all video, audio, and control of the PTZ goes through the same RG59 cable. This way, there are no extra wires to run for control or for connecting a microphone. HD-CVI technology works over standard coax cable so if you are upgrading from an analog system to HD, you can leave your cable and power in place and just replace your DVR with an HDCVI DVR and swap out your cameras. This is a huge cost savings!

This Indoor Outdoor PTZ can transmit a signal so precise that it records in amazing detail. This is due to the 1/2 inch Exmor CMOS Image Sensor. You can zoom in with an incredible 20X Optical zoom. There are also a few features of this camera that happen automatically, which helps the camera to compensate for lighting conditions. One of those features is Backlight Compensation which includes BLC, HLC, and DWDR. All of these together make sure that bright lights, such as the sun and headlights do not wash out your image or make shadows too dark. This PTZ is so smart that it will always make sure you have a great image. If you ever need to tweak any of these settings you can control them through the OSD (On Screen Display) which is sent down through the RG59 cable and controlled through the DVR.

For night viewing and recording, this camera can see up to 250 feet and record with amazing detail. No one can hide at night from the ever watchful eye of this camera.

You can configure up to 8 tours on this camera which is based on presets. Presets are easy to set and all it means is that you point the camera where you want it to look at and set the preset. Then you will have the camera see a few different areas and make presets for those. Loop all those together and you will have a tour. If you ever need help for any of these or other features, we can help you, as we provide free tech support.

Recording audio is as easy as connecting a microphone to the camera. There are no extra wires you need to run to the DVR.