16 Channel Mini 1U Sibell NVR

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  • $ 99.95

Our new Mini 16 channel Sibell NVR packs a lot of performance into a little case. There are plenty of options that would have only been available to law enforcement and places like casinos and banks just a couple of years ago. You can record up to 5MP on all 16 channels at the same time and paired with some of our Sibell IP network cameras, you’ll have a top quality package at prices that won’t break the bank!

I can only imagine the horror of coming home or to your office and finding that it has been broken into. If that should ever happen, you’ll want to have good quality video that the police can use to identify the criminals and prosecute them to the fullest extent of the law! Not only do you have space for a hard drive up to 6TB but, you can also plug a flash drive into one of the USB ports and copy specific footage to turn over to the police.

This NVR already has a built-in Linux OS so there’s no need for additional computers, cards or programs. There’s a GUI interface that allows you to do camera setup for things like motion detect, scheduling, email alerts, etc. with a few simple clicks of the mouse once you’ve connected to a monitor using HDMI OR VGA. After setup is complete, you can control and view your cameras from anywhere that you have an internet connection! Use your PC, MAC, tablet and even your smartphone to see what’s going on 24/7.