16 Channel 4K NVR

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This is a 16 Channel Ultra HD NVR. This is a superior security recorder than can record 16 IP cameras up to 12MP each. One huge benefit, besides being able to record in Ultra High Definition, is the ability to view your cameras in realtime on a 4K monitor. When using 4K IP cameras, you will be able to see crisp, clear, amazing images in full 4K resolution. When using lower megapixel resolution cameras, you will still get superior quality recordings. 4K starts at 8MP resolution.

The NVR comes installed with a powerful Dual Core Processor. It is also comes with an embedded Linux Operating System, making this a standalone security recorder. You do not have to connect it to an external computer to work. It has a simple GUI Interface which is easy to navigate with the included mouse. When you first receive the NVR you will need to connect it to a monitor to go through the initial settings. You can do that via HDMI or VGA. Once up and running, you can view your cameras anywhere in the world you have Internet Access, provided you have the NVR connected to your network.

You can install up to 4 hard drives and you can choose those from the drop down menu above. When you purchase the hard drives through us, we will install them for free as well as test and configure them. Then, when you receive the NVR, it will be ready to record as soon as you plug it in. There are never any cards or software to install.

You can back up your footage easily with a flash drive or external Hard Drive.