1080p 2MP HD-CVI/TVI/AHD/CCTV Covert Motion Detector IR Camera

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Note: These cameras must be used with an HD-CVI capable DVR .

Most people that look at this wouldn’t even know what it is and you know what they would do? Walk right up to it, look closely and try to figure out if it’s a motion detector! Surprise . . . they just had video of their big mug transmitted to the DVR and/or your camera, computer, etc. Not only will they be surprised that you have video coming through this little pinhole but it’s also in HD 1080p and you were able to use traditional coaxial cable without having to rewire your whole home or business with CAT5 network cable!

This camera comes with built-in IR (infrared) that allows you to see in low-light and total darkness for up to 50 feet. This has a 3.7mm fixed lens that gives you a full wide view of that is perfect for many different applications like office, retail, warehouse and even home! With 1080p resolution, you’ll have the ability to see details that could be relevant in criminal prosecution! 1080p video makes it easier to identify the bad guys!