2JDATA IT Signature 24/7 Monitoring

2JDATA IT Signature 24/7 Monitoring


Keep your system(s) up to date, protected from threats, and issue-free by signing up for 2JDATA's 24/7 Monitoring service! 2JDATA's unique 24/7 Monitoring service is a great solution for home and business users alike.

Our special Monitoring and Support Agent software monitors your system behind the scenes and sends us updates once any problems are detected. Once we get the notice, we initialize instructions for automated simple fixes. If the automated fix does not work or cannot be done, one of our technicians will contact you before jumping onto your computer remotely to resolve the issue.

When you're signed up with our 24/7 Monitoring service, you also get a lot of benefits! The higher tier plans include our managed anti-virus software, online backup bonuses, larger discount from using our support services, waived fees on various services, and special customer discounts on our site's store! The 24/7 Monitoring service helps us by making our job easier to provide support while it also helps our customers with more efficient technical support and cheaper costs with continued use of our services.

The 24/7 Monitoring packages vary a bit depending on which setup you need. For more specific information on the packages available for your setup, select a configuration you would like to look into. For instance: servers would get additional checks for their networked file system, firewall monitoring and maintenance, system security integrity checks, and much more. Mobile devices varies a lot due to the large number of different operating system versions and hardware combinations, but our agent automatically adjusts to your device's specifications.


Workstation PC's Monitoring


Problems with workstations have an impact on productivity, so when there's issues, the result can be a productivity-sapping loss of time for users and a knock-on effect across the organization - and that’s bad for business. The 2JDATA Workstation Monitoring tool for Windows and OS X Operating Systems makes it easy to spot and quickly fix periodic workstation problems.

No matter what Operating System your clients use –Windows or Apple Mac - 2JDATA has it covered. We monitor ALL desktops and laptops – from one dashboard. Whether on the network or out in the field, Workstation Monitoring can run on any Windows or Apple Mac desktop or laptop - and check for critical issues at a time set by 2JDATA. It gives you the information you need to do a great job - with minimal impact on the user or the machine. And with central deployment from one networked device, you can be up and running in just 10 minutes.

Windows Workstation checks

  • Event logs
  • Antivirus update check, to ensure latest definition files are being used
  • Drive space change check, to alert you to problems that are causing drive space to be consumed at a rapid rate 
  • Disk health check, to alert you to failing disks 
  • Hacker check, to alert you to a high rate of unauthorised login attempts 
  • Windows services check, to report on services which are set to auto-start 
  • SNMP 
  • RAID array

Workstation Plan

  • Hands-Free Remote Support Agent
  • Hacking Prevention
  • Windows Security Patches
  • Daily System Health Check
  • Weekly Summary Email
  • Priority Support Access
  • Managed Vipre AntiVirus
  • 5GB Online Backup Storage

$12.95/mo per PC
$9.95/mo per PC with 10 or more PC's!

Mac Workstation checks

  • File system space check
  • OSX Daemon check
  • Process check
  • Apple system log check
  • File system space change
  • Hacker check
  • Log file check
  • OSX Update Check
  • Physical disk health check